Pros and Cons of In-Home Tutoring

Of all the varied tutoring options available in this day and age, one rules over all as the gold standard in service. Doctors may no longer make house calls, but many tutors and test prep professionals still do. So many families clamor–and pay top dollar–for in-home tutoring that an effective educator willing to make the rounds is almost assured steady work. But does working with a student in his or her home always make sense?

– highest potential for parent interaction
– familiar student environment
– in-home instruction commands a premium
– no facility costs
– control of session start and end times
– high (though not certain) likelihood student will be present when you arrive

– transportation can be time-consuming
– transportation can be costly
– home environment may be unsuitable for instruction
– scheduling time for parent to be home can be challenging

Ultimately, working with students in-home offers so many tangible advantages that this arrangement shouldn’t just be considered, but actively pursued. Not only do you alleviate the inconvenience of travel time for your student, but, in the case of younger students, you also facilitate a very high level of parent interaction. Plus, if you play your cards right, you may get cookies!

What is your experience with in-home tutoring?

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